Drug-free antibacterial polymers for biomedical applications

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Ayesha Idrees
Patrícia Varela
Francesca Ruini
Jeddah Marie Vasquez
Jochen Salber
Udo Greiser
Wenxin Wang
Sean McMahon
Susanna Sartori
Gianluca Ciardelli
Valeria Chiono *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Valeria Chiono | valeria.chiono@polito.it


Microbial colonization on biomaterials is the main cause of failure of a successful implantation. In fact, local infections can eventually evolve in severe sepsis that might finally end up in a multi-organ failure and death of the patient.  Besides, infection has become one of the toughest problems in the medical world, as microorganisms become more resistant to known drugs. Scientific research has been focussing on exploring new strategies to combat this life-threatening problem. In this review, information was collected about currently used polymeric biomaterials in the medical field and the main bacterial infections associated with their implantation. Furthermore, drug-free strategies to overcome this complication are explored, and the existing methodology required for assessment of the antibacterial activity is also described.

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