Graphical tool for assessing the critical temperatures of steel beams and columns in fire

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Valdir Pignatta Silva *
Arthur Ribeiro Melão
Igor Pierin
(*) Corresponding Author:
Valdir Pignatta Silva |


In a fire situation, the temperature in which the ultimate limit state of the structural element is reached is called critical temperature. It is very laborious to determine it. The aim of this work was to create a graphical tool to allow quick determination of the critical temperature of I shaped columns and beams without local buckling. The method used was based on the Brazilian standard and using AcoInc software developed by the authors. The result was a tool whose similarity was not found in the literature. The use of the tool developed in this study simplifies the use of the standardized design method. One conclusion to be highlighted is one in which constants values of the critical temperature, generally accepted in practice, may be unsafe.

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